3 men attempt break in, get arrested

This whole thing went about as well as it could. Woman did not answer the door when not expecting someone, kept an ear out, called police quickly. When they tried to door and set off the alarm, she locked herself in a room.

The police responded quickly, which is not always possible in a large city, saw 3 people nearby, held them until tracks from patio could be compared,  and effected an arrest.

Yay homeowner, Yay St. Paul PD. Not nearly enough of these stories go this well. Too bad the revolving door justice system will likely fail us again and let them go far sooner than the statutes allow.

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Man shot and killed in Mpls riding bike

A 26 year old man was shot and killed at 1:00 am in Minneapolis riding his bike, and not a mention of motive, or suspects in the article. This could just be someone in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Granted, Murderapolis is not a good place to be out and about at 1:00 in the morning, but this is shaping up to be a record year. And now there are now 2 more fatherless children in the city to help feed the system’s reliance on a permanent underclass.

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Good thing we now have “shot spotter” – at the cost of 250,000 per square mile to stop those criminals in their tracks. As long as the bad guys stay right where they are after firing their guns, this should end crime. So why is it getting worse? Because our useless mayor is spending money on this crap, and not actual police?

Shot Spotter testimonials here touting 35-75% decrease in violent crime and gunfire, respectively.

Burglar caught on home surveillance cameras

This is a testament to the wonders of technology. I just helped someone set up 4 color cameras with night vision for under $300 in parts (labor and computer setup would be more if you paid a professional).

I wonder if they are not overreaching, as they charged felony 1st degree burglary. According to the MN statutes someone has to be home, the burglar must have a weapon, or someone must be hurt. If that is the case $165 turns into up to 20 years. Too bad about the revolving door justice system, he will be out in a few months.

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12yo girl reports rape via ipod and facebook

I may have to take back some of the things I have said about the uselessness of some of these things, not only was she able to reach out for help after he took her phone away, but he destroyed his own alibi with a text message proving when he was home.

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Family sleeps thru car crash into apt.

We have taught for years that we are defenseless 1/3 of our lives. People think “it’s ok to sleep with the window open, I would hear someone trying to get in”. Well, ask yourself this – ever sleep through a thunderstorm?

This story illustrates the point perfectly.

Thieves target diners

Always keep your valuables close, as the pros only need a second to relieve you of them.

I personally carry a credit card with a small limit, and save the card with the higher limit for times when it’s needed. It is rare you are suddenly in need of a thousand dollars or more in credit without a chance to be at home first.

Remember – money stolen from a credit card can be challenged and taken care of quickly. Debit cards on the other hand can take up to a year to have the situation resolved and your money returned. If you must use a debit card, have 2 checking accounts, and have a debit card on the “risk account”, keeping only a small sum available. With transfers being available immediately, this is a very minor hassle for a huge security boost.

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Serial robber sought in Mpls.

Hitting gas stations and convenience stores, even with a security camera picture, the police still need the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

This is a very common place for robbery, remember – when entering a store like this, look inside first and make sure everything looks normal. If you cannot see inside, shop elsewhere if possible.

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Man shoots 4 relatives, killing 3

We cannot stress this enough, the vast majority of the time, we know our attacker. 3 dead, and 1 wounded by a man described by neighbors as a “good, dependable person”.

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Car wash shooting

This story illustrates a number of things we have taught for years. Firstly, many shootings start out over some trivial matter, or nothing at all. Secondly, if the unidentified man who had avoided the fight the assailant tried to start had just dropped the matter, gotten in the car and left, his friend would still be alive. Instead he went back to the car, told his friend who then confronted the assailant and got shot to death for his trouble.

This was a situation that could have been completely avoided, even after the trouble had started.

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2 men beaten in park

Another senseless attack, to be sure. But the media and prosecutor make it sound like this could not have been avoided.

Should we be able to be safe everywhere we go? Sure, that would be lovely. It is, however, not reality.

Sitting in a public park at 11:00  p.m. is asking for trouble. Note that one man was beaten unconscious before the attackers even asked for “all your stuff”. My guess is they did not like the 2 on 2 odds, and acted accordingly.

Again, evaluate your behaviors and lifestyle choices. Residents of major cities are 60 times more likely to be the victim of a robbery.

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