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Backyard robberies in Mpls.

Two men robbed a group of 7 in a backyard, and only one of the attackers was armed. This belies the strength in numbers myth, as one person with a gun is more dangerous than a few macho tough guys.

So keep in mind, that learning to recognize trouble before it happens, and have some skills designed to keep you alive and out of prison may be more necessary than otherwise thought.

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Man shot in Mpls walking home from work

After a robbery, the man was shot in the chest. The report is not clear on whether he gave them what they were after, but this once again shows that you can get hurt if you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The best thing to do is learn awareness and avoidance, once the trouble starts you have suffered a total breakdown in your self-defense plan.

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Teen charged in attempt on Father’s life

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In 2007 in MN 23% of murders were by members of the victim’s nuclear family, and 62% were non-nuclear family or acquaintances. We have said for years that 85% of victims knew their attackers.

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St. Cloud home invasion

Two men have been arrested after breaking into a St. Cloud home and tying up a woman with duct tape before ransacking and robbing her home.

The woman told police she woke up to find the men at the foot of her bed. After she was attacked and bound, the men threatened the woman and her 9-month-old baby with guns, then ransacked the house looking for items to steal.

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