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Another attempted child luring

Thankfully again, unsuccessful. The police in this story offer more comprehensive tips on child safety, but in this case they almost got a license plate number, and did get a vehicle description. Surprisingly, that was not enough for police to go on. One would think in the era of technology that a close approximation of the plate would get them a suspect or three.

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Man severely beaten after being robbed

This is an example of what sometimes happens when street crime occurs, reminiscent of the uptown robbery a while back where a man was shot in the head after cooperating. Granted, most of the time if you are robbed, and you give them your stuff, this is not the likely outcome. But you never know.

This is why we teach that every situation is different, and that skills = options. If you initially cooperate and then like in this story, that is not enough, at least you have a chance to reduce your level of injury.

Whether it’s basic hand to hand / weaponless self-defense, or a permit to carry a firearm as taught by our sister company Pistolcraft, the more you know, the safer you are.

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Man stabbed ex-wife’s lawyer

So this is a clear example of how anyone can be a victim, although attorneys do have a higher risk profession, it is surprising the things that will cause a person to become violent. I have a number of instances of shootings over a parking spot at the local mall. The murder rate in Minneapolis and the deaths in MN from domestic violence are both running about double from last year.

It’s gonna be a long summer.

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Attempted abduction of 2 teen girls ends well

This is probably more common than we know, I have to wonder how many of these attempts never quite happen, or don’t get reported. These girls did the right thing by calling 911, but if she “thought he was going to take us” a good addition to that would be running and screaming. License plate numbers are awesome if you can get them safely, but distance is one of the things we teach in our classes as a primary defensive tool, and FAR more important.

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Yet another stabbing..

Another interesting point with knives, as they are quiet they cause few to notice the incident, leaving a reduced chance of real witnesses. They also leave no ballistic evidence leaving the crime lab little to go on in many cases.

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Knives are more common and scarier than guns.

There have been a lot of stabbings lately, and it is a real reminder that most street criminals have knives, fewer have guns. Knives are easy to obtain, have no background check, and can do much, much more damage than a gun.

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Hotel shuttle driver beaten at convience store

This is why we teach that these stores are a dangerous place, pay attention before entering to see if everything looks normal, and if not leave (and of course call 911 if necessary). We have a chapter on instinct and threat recognition that deals with this subject in detail, but in short – If it don’t feel right, get out.

This man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but getting involved in a situation likely caused his later attack. As we tell our students, “you are not a cop, use a cell phone”

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3 women report stranger attacks

This reinforces why we teach security around the home as part of our basic classes, something as simple as a open window is a serious breach in the security of the home. Lock your doors and windows when home, especially at night.

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