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Garage Rape Victim Fights Back

When checking out a noise in her back yard a woman was beaten and raped in her detached garage.

The attacker left when she fought back.  This illustrates why you should call 911 if you have suspicious activity in your yard after dark, not to go outside alone and investigate, as well as showing that the common message by police to give them what they want and not fight back is flawed.

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Cops to walk lake Phalen after four assaults.

After four reported assaults and much news coverage, the police are setting up patrols on Lake Phalen.

They do not say how often the patrols will be, or how long they will last, leaving the question “is this just to provide a false sense of security”?

In the end, you must always be aware of your surroundings as the police are rarely able to show up before a crime occurs.

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