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Victim fights back

Wow. While I cannot recommend that a 65 year old woman chase down a purse snatcher, this one is something.

When her 85 year-old mother’s purse is stolen her 65 year-old daughter chases down the criminal, who pulls a knife, which she proceeds to break in half with a swipe from her cane.

Improvised weapons are part of our instruction for a reason, and canes are a fine weapon indeed.

Not only did he get caught, he got owned by a senior citizen. :)

Story link here.

91 year-old assaulted in her garage

This is not the first garage assault story I have linked here, and sadly will not be the last. Garages can be dangerous places. In 2007 a county commissioner was carjacked at shotgun point, luckily, he managed to fight free without serious injury.

I am glad that this woman is ok, a fall from standing height can be dangerous to the elderly.


Story link here.

Woman rollerblading at 2am beaten

What to say. Rollerblading alone at 2am is not safe.

Story link here.

Road rage almost kills woman

This serves as a reminder that if ever a victim of road rage, call the police on your cell, drive to the nearest police station, but DO NOT STOP, especially to argue with them. This woman is lucky to be alive.

Story link here.

Alleged rape of ‘U’ student in bathroom

Never a good idea to be alone in public settings, especially if alcohol is involved.

Story link here.