Introduction to Self-Defense

FMA's Introduction to Self-Defense is designed to give the student some basic tools to increase their personal safety.

Students will learn how to assess and minimize potential dangers from assault, identify potential escape routes, and if necessary and practical, defend yourself.

Skills include awareness, assault recognition, the physiology of fright & it's effects on performance, The basics of the law on the use of self defense, conflict avoidance, and related topics

Physical skills include stances, movement, hold breaks, control holds, simple weapon controls / disarms, and more.

We are happy to provide this as a private class for groups, businesses, etc. We are able to tailor the course to any particular concerns or hazards your group may face. Contact us at to schedule for your group today! (Minimum of 12 students for a private group).

Course is held in Minneapolis, details will be emailed to students after signing up.

See our flyer as well

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